Oven Stove Repair

Oven Stove Repair


Stove/Oven Repair

Appliance: Stove/Oven/Range | Types: Gas, Electric
Brands: Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchenaid, Amana, Jennair, Kenmore, LG, Samsung, GE, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Admiral, Hotpoint, Wolf, Viking.

Electric ovens or stoves are one of the major equipment in our kitchen and it meets all our cooking desires with great performance. You can find lots of varieties of electric oven in market from different brands with variable price ranges; they all work on same phenomenon and demand same safety and care for long life service. When we talk about heating technology of these electric ovens, the only thing that comes to our mind is a big resistor wire that works like a heating element inside your oven and its resistance is much higher so that it can provide higher range of heat. For your stove or oven; this heating element is commonly known as broil or bake element and it provides proper heat to cooking chamber so that the surface unit can cook food more efficiently. As these ovens are more frequently operated, they usually suffer with some common service faults and they must be repaired time to time; here are few details about commonly occurring problems of electric oven/ stoves and simple method to repair them but for major issues it is good to contact

1.   First of all check your power cord, whether it is plugged properly or not.
2.  Make sure that your oven circuitry is receiving proper power and check for fuse; if it is broken then you have to replace it with new one.
3.  Some ovens work with clock settings at initial levels so make sure that oven clock is set to right time and then turn it on again.

1.  Generally it takes almost 15 to 20 minutes to reach up to 350 degrees so make sure that you have waited for this much time.
2.  In order to minimize the preheating time, ensure that door of oven is closed.
3.  An oven with hidden heating element usually takes more time to preheat.
4.  Remove the aluminum foil if you use it over oven racks because it also tends to increase preheat time.

1.   It is good to wait for complete cool down of oven after the self clean cycle. Generally the door can stay locked till the time your oven comes back to safe temperature and if it is not opening even after cooling down then try to resent the self cleaning cycle.
2.  Check the display of oven and deactivate the feature of lockout in case if it is activated by mistake.
3.  If your oven has manual lock then put your hand over door handle only when your oven has reached to normal temperature and then press it firmly so that tension can be released; slowly move it to the unlock position.

1.   Generally, maximum temperature level allowed for oven heating is 287 degrees Celsius or 550 F; if you are not able to set temperature above this range then surely display controls of your oven is set to Celsius range instead of Fahrenheit.

For other issues, it is good to refer to instructions provided in user manual or contact www.odar.ca for fixing up major troubles.

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