How To Save Money on Electricity This Winter

The increased need for hot water and heating may cause your electricity bills to rise during the winter. While a little spike in your electricity bill is to be expected during the colder months, it’s easy to let your energy consumption run wild when it’s cold outside. If you’re concerned about rising energy costs, here are a few way that you can cut down on your consumption and save money on electricity this winter.

Turn It Down

While it may be tempting to turn your thermostat up to the highest temperature, this kind of overheating is responsible for a significant amount of wasted energy, not to mention pricey electricity bills. Lowering your thermostat even by a few degrees can prevent your home heating system from overworking and can save you a lot of money on your next utility bill.

Time It

Doing electricity-heavy activities such as showering and laundry before 7am or after 10pm is a great way to conserve your energy requirements and costs. Waiting until non-peak hours to use your electrical appliances is a good way to reduce the strain put on the power lines around your neighbourhood. Reducing the length of your showers, and waiting until you have full loads to run the dishwasher or washing machine are other smart ways to conserve energy this winter.

Treat Your Appliances Right

Your appliances use a significant amount of energy around the house. Improperly maintained applianced waste more energy as they work, resulting in higher electricity bills. The best way to keep your appliances energy efficient is to have them routinely inspected and tune-up so that they’re working to the best of their ability.

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