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Appliance: Dryer | Purpose: Laundry
Brands: Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, Kenmore, Maytag, Inglis, Amana, Samsung, LG, GE, Bosch, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Admiral, Roper, Hotpoint, Miele, White Westinghouse, Sears, and many more

It happens with many that even after putting their clothes into the dryer two or three times, what they get at the end is damp clothes. Or sometimes the buzzer stops and the clothes are still not dried. Well, these are the symptoms that your dryer has undergone some problem and for knowing that problem, you need to do some troubleshooting. However, only after knowing the severity of problem you can decide that whether you should fix the problem yourself or need expert’s services. In the case, you need expert services, you can visit

There are number of problems that can lead to this situation. Let us make you know.

1.  It can be a result of bad fuse and if it is so, then you are required to replace it.

2.  The bad temperature switch can also stop the dryer from producing heat. You can check the switch with the help of VOM.

3.  Other causes of less heating are bad heating coils, bad-timer and bad thermostat.

1.  This is the most common problem and its main cause is the broken belt. In the case it is broken belt, you need to replace it.

2.  Other causes that can lead your dryer drum to stop from spinning are defected roller and defected motor. The roller supports the tumbler to sit on it and when it becomes worn, it needs to be replaced.  You should also check the pulleys if they are working well or not.

A too hot dryer is a dangerous problem that needs to be checked and fixed immediately. It can be due to the clogged vent, bad thermostat and faulty heating coils. In the former case, you need to clean the vent and in the other two cases, you are required to replace the defected parts.

Like other dryer problems, this issue has also many potential causes. These causes include bad timer, bad thermostat, defected terminal block, faulty start switch and more.  In order to get your dryer back to the working condition, you need to replace the faulty parts.

However, it is not the end, but these are the most common problems that your dryer can face. In the case you are going to DIY; make sure that you have bought the right part according to the make and model of your dryer. But, it is always recommended to hire the experts’ services for fixing the issues with your dryer. As in many cases, you are required to troubleshoot the problem by letting the power on; there are risks of getting an electric shock. As experienced technicians perform these tasks on daily basis they are known to the risks and the safety measures that they can take to prevent them. So, in the case you require dryer repair services you can visit for reliable and trustworthy services.

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